iBAS Global is a global educational institution devoted to excellence in teaching, learning and to unleashing leaders in business who are  inspiring and who work on accomplishing sustainable and visionary goals for all stakeholders including society at large.
The company is headquartered in Bangalore, India.

Mission & Vision

Our Vision is 'Creating Global Business Leaders'.

Our Mission is to Foster the success of our students through innovative, flexible learning opportunities resulting in they acquiring the requisite skill-sets and confidence to deliver results in an increasingly global society and to support creation of an ethical workforce for the betterment of all stakeholders of the enterprise including society and communities.

Our Values

Student Success

We exist because of our students. Our business is to have them win and succeed. Towards this we work on their academic, professional and personal success. We provide mentoring and guidance to students to ensure they experience success at all levels of their lives when they are with us which they will then carry forward in their life outside academics.

Integrity & Growth

Integrity being at the heart of who we are, we value ethical behavior and practice, high standards of course delivery, civic responsibility, and openness in communication. We encourage growth and progress of our community members, curricula, facilities, and resources.


Our student community consists of people from all religions and regions of India and the World. We value and cherish the diversity and foster togetherness among these different but one humanness. Our students learn the same and proceed to become inclusive individuals who respect each other irrespective of the backgrounds each comes from.


Our ultimate success lies in the success of the community / ies we belong. We believe in paying forward to our communities. Community welfare projects are important aspect of our self-expression. Our students take keen interest in the various community development projects we undertake as an institution.

Courses Offered


Professional Courses




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Short Term Courses

Finance for Non-financial Executives

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Our Believers


iBAS Consulting is the Financial Consulting Division of iBAS Global. The consulting division provides outsourced CFO, Accounting, Payroll processing and Compliance related services. We provide a one-stop comprehensive business support to entities - be it a Startup or an Established company.

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Academic & Consulting Team

Our coaching and training team comprise expert instructors with the skills and qualities required to successfully present complex technical material to students who are from both academics and industries. Our trainers possess deep technical knowledge, extensive international business experience and the ability to engage and communicate effectively with a diverse group of attendees.

Jayashree P Kunju - CEO

Chartered Accountant and member of ICAI. She has over 26 years of experience in the areas of financial management, consulting, and coaching and training. She has worked as part of impact analysis team of corporates to study the effect of IFRS adoption on various segments of companies. She has assisted in developing detailed plans for first time adoption of IFRS for Indian companies and for making smooth transition from Indian GAAP to IFRS. She has trained professors of Bangalore university in IFRS for them to then take the course to the students of the university.

Jayant Gandhi - Director Strategy

Engineer with over 28 years of experience in Global Project Management. He has provided leadership in large MNCs and Indian corporate like Kodak, Zee group and … computers before heading out as an independent coach and consultant for mentoring CEOs. At iBAS he drives the strategic directions of the company and is a mentor and trainer for Project Management, Risk Management, HR Management and Marketing Management programs. He provides coaching for these branches of management for students of CIMA UK, CMA USA and ACCA.

Ibas Journey So Far

The journey in 2006 with training corporate incumbents in skills required in finance and accounting domains both nationally and internationally has only grown in strength with time. While earlier the focus for IBAS Global was to provide skills through specific short term courses, keeping in mind the growing demand for certified and professionally qualified professionals in industry, we made an important decision to build competency in delivering world class professionally recognized courses like CIMA UK, CMA USA, ACCA and IFRS, while continuing to take up short term courses including proprietory courses like Finance for Non Financial Decision Makers , Cash Management, Working Capital Management etc. Today IBAS Global is known in the market for the kind of student-friendly approach to coaching and mentoring. The student base of IBAS Global has expanded to include 40 companies, 15 colleges, 5 universities and 7 countries.

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